Digital Ads

Online Advertising

Search Ads, Remarketing, Social Media Ads, Dynamic Digital Ads, Digital & Streaming Video Ads, there are so many ways to advertise online, and even more ways to use these options. The landscape of advertising across the internet has changed a lot in the last 5 years, and will do the same in the next 5 years. The opportunities are nearly limitless if you dedicate time to it. Many businesses don’t have hours upon hours to spend learning one or more of these internet advertising systems. This often leads to missed revenue, lost marketing dollars, confusion, and wasted time.

Louvre Media is here to offer expertise in online marketing. The internet today is the foundation of a business’s marketing strategy. We can help your business by building the right strategy to meet your goals for both digital and print marketing. Our team has the tools and knowledge to help us find the right mix for what your business needs right now.

Things We Have Learned In Today's Marketplace:

  • Search Marketing (SEO, SEM, and SMM,) is an integral part of today’s local marketing
  • No results for SEO or SEM can be guaranteed. Period.
  • Everyone believes their product is superior to any others
  • Measure, measure, and measure results

The Louvre Media Difference

We do everything by hand and don’t believe in automation. Though automation has its advantages, the best ROI for local businesses cannot be achieved solely by a computer program. There are too many variables. We take a direct approach, modeling our strategy to what we learn is best for your business in your market.

Some Of The Ways We Advertise Online

Search Advertising

You have seen these listing the top of the results when you’ve searched the internet using engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Maybe you have advertised here already as well. Being seen when your customers are looking for you or your services is vital, and Search Advertising can help you get found.

Dynamic Digital Ads

These ads are some of our most technologically advanced ads available. With Dynamic Digital Ads we can deliver image or video ads to your customers based on their addresses, the places they visit, the websites they visit, their demographic, and more. We are also able to see when consumers we’ve advertised to purchase online or visit your business. The possibilities with Dynamic Digital Ads are enormous!

Video Advertising

With an engaging video ad, we can reach customers on platforms like YouTube, Roku, Amazon, Apple, a variety of Smart TVs, mobile apps, traditional TV stations, and more.

Social Media Ads

Are your customers on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Whether your are looking to build your following or increase sales, with Social Media Advertising we can reach them wherever they are.

Remarketing Ads

Stay on top of your customers’ minds with Remarketing Ads. We can display ads to visitors of your website all across the internet, encouraging them to return.