How to think about social media posts
Direct Marketing

How To Think About Social Media Posts

No matter which platform you use to advertise your business and elevate your success, follow these basic steps and dedicate time to owning your platform. Listen to your audience and get a sense of how they communicate, their habits, and how you can stay on top of their mind.

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Relationship Marketing - Unselling Yourself
Customer Relations

Relationship Marketing – Unselling Yourself

Building a successful client relationship goes beyond the checklist of talking points and remembering the name of their first cat – the successful relationship is about cultivating a deeper more meaningful connection through the idea of “unselling” yourself.

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Geofencing for Small Businesses

Geofencing – Who’s Spying on Who

Geofencing is an untraditional form of marketing and allows you to target consumers based on the places they go and their physical activity. When the location service is turned on a mobile device, you can ping people’s phones with all types of ads.

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Change is Inevitable - laptop next to typewriter

Change is Inevitable

As different types of media entered the marketplace, early adopters (advertisers/businesses,) tend to do well as the media grows in popularity, both in the user base and in the options for media.

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Person bowling
Better Business

Share With Your Marketing Team

Your marketing folks are a part of your team and they need feedback like everyone else. Here are some things to think when sharing information to your team.

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Know Your Target Audience

When doing any marketing you have to know who your target market is, including their age, geography, education, or any other relevant demographic. If you aren’t sure how to find that out, Louvre Media can teach you.

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