Review Management

Reviews Have Never Been More Important

It’s no secret that a negative review on the internet can reflect poorly on your business, and ultimately drive traffic away. Positive reviews can improve the chances of a customer choosing your product or service. Reviews also can impact your business’ SEO.

Reviews are everywhere. From place reviews on Google Maps to business reviews on Yelp, Product reviews on Amazon to customer feedback on Facebook, you can’t escape them. Modern consumers expect reviews to provide them a public place to give a company feedback.

Consumers use the internet to help make informed decisions about a business or product. One step in the process of learning about a company or item is to read product and service reviews. We’ve found many business owners don’t have the time or energy to sit down and respond to every review. That’s the reason that we help businesses manage their incoming reviews. 

Why Is It Important To Respond to Reviews?

Since we know potential customers read reviews, we believe they will also see responses to reviews, or a lack thereof. Responding to both negative and positive reviews shows a business is not only open to feedback and wanting to improve, but that it’s active. A company that appreciates 5-star reviews and thanks the community for recommending them is one that is paying attention to its clients. Customers like it when a business values their opinion. Seeing responses can make customers more inclined to leave a positive review of their own.

Between Yelp reviews, Google reviews, Facebook recommendations, and social media, crafting the perfect response can be a chore, but a company doing the wrong thing on social media can make or break a public image. While we are certainly not a full on “Public Relations” team, we can help. We answer dozens of reviews each day, and know how to tread through the waters of public review commenting!