Mailing Marketing

Advertising By Mail

There are many ways we can use mail marketing to grow your business. Advertising using the postal service to send customers (and potential customers) mail pieces directly has been around for decades. Mail advertising has proven to be a cost-effective option that can produce good results. We have used a variety of postcards and letters to send offers and updates to the community. As an agency, we get special bulk postage pricing, and we pass those savings on to our clients. 

Every year we send out hundreds of thousands of mail pieces. We have used mailing campaigns in a variety of ways, including reaching out to customers we haven’t seen in years, sending out business updates and mergers, offers/promotions, business acquisition letters, thank you letters, holiday cards and more.

Using sales data and tracking numbers, we analyze the ROI value of these campaigns. Many of our clients have found them to be a great way to improve sales. A mailing campaign can be targeted to a selected area and used in concert with other marketing tools. As with any advertising we do, continually analyzing and adjusting our marketing efforts accordingly is key.

In addition to the research that goes into each campaign, we also handle the weighing, bundling, stamping, and shipping of all mail pieces. This includes Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) pieces as well. Making it effortless for your business to reach the existing and potential customers directly at home is our specialty. You don’t even need a list of addresses to get started, we can either procure a list of addresses that fit our strategy for the mailing, or utilize Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service. With EDDM, we can reach an entire street or a whole neighborhood for about half the cost per piece.

While snail mail may seem antiquated, it is one of the many strategies we employ to reach customers in their homes. Over the years, we have been able to attribute millions of dollars in sales explicitly to these mailing campaigns.