Using Copywriting in Marketing

A marketing team isn’t complete without a copywriter. Copywriting is a critical part in appealing to an audience, transforming them from readers to potential customers. Good copywriting uses language that draws its readers in and breaks down concepts into ideas that they can easily understand. When it comes to teaching customers about an industry or product that they know nothing about, you’ll want to avoid jargon and industry-related slang. Your goal is to break down ideas into simpler wording that flows better and speaks to the audience that it’s trying to reach.

Traits of Good Copywriting

When writing to promote a product or a brand, there’s specific traits that you’ll want to involve in your writing.

Keep your writing to the point

Similarly to journalistic writing, you’ll want to let your audience know what’s going on, what makes your product or service stand out, and why they should buy it. People don’t want to get strung along for a conclusion that you should’ve made earlier. Good copywriting should be short, concise, and true to its cause. If you think something is unnecessary and doesn’t add to your pitch, it’s better to leave it out.

Speak in a language they can understand

Copywriting is meant to be read by a large audience, so as a result, you should adjust your writing as if it were to be read by someone with no higher than a 7th or 8th grade reading level. Keep it simple, you don’t want to scare them away with large words that they don’t know the definitions of. Some of the most popular marketing strategies have involved slogans and pitches that can be read by almost all reading levels. Take Nike for example: “Just Do It” has transformed their company into a brand that is easily recognizable for all. Nike has taken this quick, decisive form of language into the rest of their advertisements and used it to sell a concept to audiences and ages all around the world.

Keep your goal clear

How do you want viewers to react to your writing? What should their takeaway be? Every piece of copywriting should involve a strong call to action, whether it be for your audience to buy your product, check out your website, or visit your storefront. Lead the way for them, so that they’re aware of the exact form of action they’ll need to take.

With good copywriting, you too can improve your marketing strategies! With a little knowledge about good writing techniques, and a lot of practice, you can draw in large amounts of customers thanks to persuasive, well thought-out language. Louvre Media hopes these tips were able to help! For more advice on marketing, check out our other blogs that we offer. Marketing is made easy with us.