What Is Your Brand?

For many businesses, a brand is their name, it’s their logo, it’s their colors. To a consumer a brand is about the product or service you think about when you need that product or service. Your brand distinguishes you from your competitors in your marketplace.

If you were to ask 100 people about who they would choose for your product or service, how many ofthem would choose you? Is this a good number for your business?

What is Your Brand

A solid brand strategy works to increase this number and more importantly measurably increase your sales in your target market. It works hand in hand with your marketing and should be considered with any marketing plan already in place.

Is this important to your business? It should be. When you think of a cold drink, what brand comes to mind? Even local businesses can create a local brand in their marketplace and it is easier than it may seem.

What is more important than the brand is brand recognition. This is what a good branding strategy does. We believe in name recognition in a marketplace and we see the importance of building your local brand.

The brand strategy is a part of a solid marketing strategy and must be done cohesively. When this is working well repeat and referral business will grow more than it is currently and it will bring in new customers. In some cases, an effective branding strategy can have impact within a couple of months.

A brand strategy works to insure your marketing is consistent and your brand is exposed to more and more people in your target market. This helps increase the effectiveness in all your marketing efforts, both in the immediate and in the distant future.