Why One-Size-Fits-All Doesn’t Work

Our Team’s Perspective Have you ever completed a puzzle? The feeling of snapping the last piece in place is a sigh of relief. But imagine getting down to the last couple pieces, and realizing they were lost along the way? That is exactly how it sounds to me when a business owner has an epiphany …

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The Basics on Basics

Every now and then most of us get a bit out of sync, sometimes for reasons beyond our control. Being out of sync can distract us from the basics, regardless of our roles.

Feeling Lucky?

Many successful people in business attribute their success to being lucky. This could be someone just being modest, or maybe someone who doesn’t even understand the source of their own success.

Statistics in Marketing

Statistics in Marketing

Don’t Listen to Statistics There are statistics everywhere. They can be very helpful in guiding us towards making better decisions. But, what happens if we listen to a statistic which isn’t correct? Statistics is defined as “the collection and analyzation of data, for the purposes of presenting and using this information to the masses.” Many …

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